Our mission...

Since 2001 until today E4C Group has grown to support technical operations in 8 European countries. E4C Group companies are important B2B technology partner to Satellite TV operators and TV content providers delivering wide scope of services in the field of video and audio signal processing and distribution of TV content to their subscribers.

We succeed to bring quality and performance to the next level hand in hand with high efficiency and economy of operations.

E4C Group services include signal reception over all existing transmission media in all available formats, processing in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD and HD, encryption with various Conditional Access systems, generation of Transport Streams, and their further distribution over data networks, Astra and Eutelsat satellites in DVB-S and DVB-S2 formats, and over DVB-T terrestrial distribution systems.

E4C Group operates 2 teleport sites with own satellite Uplinks in Czech Republic and Hungary.

Our Network Operation and Monitoring Centers with 24/7 service availability monitor over 300 TV services, including network components, multiplexers and CA systems. In addition to that E4C Group is the main partner for independent compatibility testing of DVB SetTopBoxes and all customer devices for their conformance with requirements of TV operators.

E4C Group is the main partner for technical operations of M7 Group S.A. DTH platforms that supply TV experience to more than 3 million subscribers in 8 European countries, such as Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Hungary.